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04-20-2009, 01:33 AM
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Originally Posted by Lafleurs Guy View Post
It doesn't matter. You're still repeating the mistake that you claim others are making.
Alright, this, I have to hear. Can you explain to me, how I'm repeating the mistake I claim others are making?

The post I quoted directly said that Halak was going to let in 6-goals tomorrow and also had a bunch of nonsensical sarcasm added about how that will be Price's fault.

What I meant by my reply was does he care more about Price or the Canadiens putting up wins (leading closer to a Stanley Cup). In no way, have I ever said that I don't support Price 100% when he's in net. In no way, have I ever said that Price is garbage. In no way, have I ever put a player above the Canadiens.

Brisebois, has been my favourite player since I've watched hockey. He left to the Avalanche, guess who my favourite team was? Still the Habs. Brisebois came back, he played poorly in game #1, guess who wanted him to sit? Me.

I may think Brisebois has been more useful than some others on this forum. But I will never put a player above my team, and it seems that some posters here are doing that, when they start predicting or hoping Halak plays poorly.

I wasn't referring to you in any sense, with that post because I believe you do put the Canadiens before any player. I may think that your choices or opinions on this subject are wrong, but I'm not taking you as one of the ones who look at the name on the back before the name on the front.

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