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04-20-2009, 05:25 AM
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I loved how Ron kept calling him out on his ********. Especially the whole Carcillo is a bully thing.

To paraphrase:
Campbell: Carcillo is bully so he gets suspended but Cammallari isn't so he does not receive a suspension.
Ron: But don't bullies start out like Cammallari?

I don't think Colin understood that comment.

The best was Ron questioning his policy about not putting players like Carcillo on the ice at the end of the game. Colin doesn't want any messages to be sent, but he wants teams to ice players not on the fourth line.... so let's send out the players that have targets on them and the problem goes away. Colin really did not understand this point no matter how Ron put it. The had that same stupid, vacant expression the whole time....

Enough ranting. But the suspensions handed out, not handed out so far have been a joke.

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