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09-17-2004, 02:44 PM
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Which teams would compromise?

Like I've said, maybe the league will lose less overall if there's not a season, but there are alot of teams who won't. I beleive it will be those teams, along with some that will accept less than a cap to save the league, that solve this thing in January.

So who do you think are the teams losing more money by not playing, or the teams willing to compromise just to get something done? And who do you think are the hardline owners, who will accept nothing less than a cap?

From that article about the Flyers, it sounds like Philly, Detroit, Colorado, Toronto and the Rangers are going to be leading the movement among oweners to save the season. Vancouver makes a lot of money. St. Louis lost alot, but their owner said it was their business and they can run it how they want. From the articles on TSN today, it looks like Edmonton and Calgary would lose about the same whether they played or not, so they might jump on something that saves the season. I think Dallas, LA and Phoenix would compromise. Thats almost half the league. Those teams could probably convince 3-4 others to compromise, maybe Tampa, maybe Ottawa, maybe New Jersey, maybe even Boston. If Anaheim ends up being sold, the new owner is probably going to want to get something from his investment, and he hasn't been the one losing money, so he'd probably be more willing to compromise. I think you could even talk Lemieux into it, because the Penguins need revenue bad, and a luxury tax would provide that.

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