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04-20-2009, 09:55 AM
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Originally Posted by DougHarvey View Post
Keep burying your head in the sand. Socially, this is the worst city in the NHL to play for. Schooling and taxation are two huge reasons. Throw into that a media/fanbase that oversteps the boundaries of good taste and you a have the least desireable option for impending UFA's

Yes, you can build through the draft, but you still need to compliment those players and as we have seen, trading is not as easy as it used to be.

When Lecavalier gets louder cheers than the hometown players at the All-Star game, then there is something seriously wrong.If Vinny actually wanted to play here, he would not have signed an 11 year extension with T Bay.I don't want him here, because the media would rip him to shreds the minute something went wrong.I would go as far to bet that Montreal is on his list no-trade teams.
Things is right now, we only see the bad side of the medias, passions, etc. of this city for hockey because of the on-ice results of this year. Last year all was fine, players played greats, medias was all positive (for the most part), fans were excited. I don't disagree with what being said here : there is a special situation in Montreal. What I don't understand is the people complaining about it EVERYDAY like it was all new or something. Passion for hockey always been there. It can be a pain in the ass, but it can an advantage too. The Montreal Canadiens are not the Florida Panthers, sometime accepting realities is better than whining about things you don't have control over. So as for the burying my head in the sand, I think I see the situation pretty clearly, BUT, I do not whine about every aspect that make the Montreal market a unique one just because my team is not doing well right now like some of you does.

I believe hockey factors has more to do with the 2009-2019 meltdown than Jean-Charles Lajoies and his croonies, if you believe the contrary, then we will have to disagree.

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