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Originally Posted by Kaiped Krusader
I'm not contradicting myself at all. People will naturally do what's in their interests.

If "the average worker" finds the union isn't suiting his needs then he should do something about it. If someone is a high achiever and feels they're being held back by the union, then it might be in their best interests to operate outside the bargaining framework somehow, either by setting up shop as an independent, by finding a more lucrative line of work, or by - gasp - finding a way to work into the management ranks.
If a worker finds his job is one in a union dominated field, his choices can be somewhat limited. It's not just as easy as saying 'just don't join the Union' because, in a lot of cases, non-Union workers are harrassed and hated by Union workers. If I was in the NHL, I'd probably be in the NHLPA for fear of what would happen to me if I wasn't. Hockey is violent enough. I wouldn't want a personal vendetta out on me everytime I hit the ice. People laugh when I say that, but there are many instances of violence instigated by Union members aimed towards non-Union member solely on the basis of their membership (or lackthereof). My grandfather, who has been a higher up in a few unions, most notable when he worked with AT&T, tells of how that was one of the bargaining ploys to those teetering on whether or not to become Union. It wasn't a direct comment, but it was implied that it was in your best interests to join the Union. That being said, there are non-Union companies that would love to have workers. But a good portion of the job market (in several major sectors) is realistically off limits to those who aren't pro-Union.

It is not in the best interests of the workers. It may become in your best interests to join a Union after that Union has been put in to place, but the Unions, in and of themselves, are not best for workers. Unions do fight for a bigger piece of the pie. Without them, individual workers, on their own merits, could go after a bigger piece on their own than they would get with the Union. They would also have the ability to jump from one company to the next based on pay/benefits/work environment. It's very, very difficult to do that in a Union dominated environment. Ask an Airline pilot who has been at Delta for 10 years if he would ever consider going over to American Airline. He'd never consider it. What if he absolutely hated his boss, his coworkers, his pay, and his environment? He'd still never leave. That is the Union.

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