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09-17-2004, 03:13 PM
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Originally Posted by kurt
One thing I have never understood, is why the NHL and NHLPA did not mutually agree on a 3rd party auditor to come in and take a look at the books, and determine what kind of profits/losses these teams were experiencing. Is the NHL mis-stating their income?

The NHL did make a half-assed effort of getting a third party review, but they did NOT select a 3rd party that the players could agree was impartial.

If both parties seriously wanted to get this settled, and had nothing to hide, they would have had no problem agreeing on this sort of process.

It seems the dispute really has nothing to do with losses, the NHL is simply muscle-flexing, and trying to get the media and fans on their side to try to impose a salary cap, and they're prepared to wait until the bitter end to get it. They're not focused on profits or losses at all, their main goal is a secure position, with a ceiling on expenses.

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