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04-20-2009, 09:36 AM
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Originally Posted by habaholic View Post
The worst? Like the #1 absolute worst?

I guess you've visited every other city in the NHL to have that kind of opinion. There are negatives and positives to playing in every city. Lecavalier didn't want to come here a few years ago because the team was a mess, same with Tanguay and Laraque btw..they've all sinced changed their way of thinking because the team was moving in the right direction. Playing on a winner is the #1 selling point...Look at the Red Wings, if you've visited and/or lived in Detroit you would soon find out that Montreal ain't so bad, but why do players flock there or stay at a home town discount??? WINNING!!! They are known to be contenders for the cup every single year. Another example is the Senators...10 years ago nobody wanted to go there..when they became a contender, players all of a sudden wanted to play there.

We just have to get over the hump and become regular contenders and you'll see how all of a sudden taxes and/or the media won't be such an issue (obviously doing that as we can see is not that easy).

P.S. Ever been to Newark?? LOL!
What? Like who? Mike Comrie? Jason Smith? Martin Gerber?

I would be willing to bet that the Habs are one of the 5 least attractive teams to sign with in the NHL (I'd guess third least attractive behind Long Island, and maybe a team like Columbus or Atlanta). Winning can a big reason why a UFA would want to sign, if you're a perennial contender like Detroit. It also might be a reason to not want to sign, if the team is consistently awful (NYI, Columbus, Atlanta, Toronto).

For the other 20-25 or so teams, winning doesn't play as large of a role in the decision, as we saw when Briere signed with last place Philly.

If you take the winning aspect out of the picture, I'd confidently say that Montreal is the least attractive of all NHL cities to sign with.

Why would you want to deal with our taxes, our media, the french/english issues, and the weather when you really don't have to.

Although, it's their career, hockey is only one part of these guys' life. They'll not only go where they can win. They'll go where it's best for them and their family.

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