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04-20-2009, 11:05 AM
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I hope we drop the "tough" act and get back to playing montreal canadiens Hockey. No more Laraque on the first line, Tanguay back with Koivu and Kovy and Pleks back with the bros. Were a fast and skilled team and we havent played our game yet. Gainey is getting trap in the Bruins game, we've always beat the bruins playing our style and it shouldnt change this year.
So true.

Lang, the guy was already slow like a turtle and almost a liability 5 on 5, 25% slower would be a desaster.. I really doubt he will come back in this serie..
I understand your point about Lang, however comparable to other players his age he is not that slow, also in his youth he was not that slow. I agree that by the nhl avg Lang may be a little on the slow side in terms of skating but I often noticed with Lang and experienced players that their anticipation and positioning compensate for their speed so...speed is not everything.

Besides....Lang at %75 would be excellent on the PP...we really miss him there...that is if we actually get a powerplay tonight...

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