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Originally Posted by Shoalzie View Post
I keeps it real...

I'd love another 2006 but I think this team is a work in progress. I'm definitely more encouraged than last year given the team's start and Cabrera's hot start.
As has been well-documented, I am one of the world's biggest cynics and skeptics.

That being said, I have been pleasantly surprised by the Kitties thus far. I thought the rotation would be garbage, but Galarraga is carrying over (and then some), Jackson looks great, Verlander just needs to stop giving up 1 big inning, and Porcello looks like the real deal. His fastball moves so much that he almost doesn't need another pitch. Imagine him with 2 or 3 other plus pitches at his disposal.

The bullpen has been pretty good too, and I thought it would be terrible. Mr. Crooked Hat has been very good, Perry is a live wire, and Lyon is, well, he's Todd Jones.

If Bondo can come back and give them some life in that 5th slot, or if Willis figures things out, and if Zumaya can come back and stay back, this could be a pretty good pitching staff. And with the lineup they've got, pretty good could be good enough.

Admittedly that's a lot of ifs, but Peter Gammons was saying the other day basically what I just said about them looking good and having some more pieces coming back from the DL, and he's Peter freaking Gammons. Everyone was saying the 2006 Tigers were a work in progress, until they took off.

I still say that the WBC is great for our hitters. They get that Tigers April From Hell out of the way before MLB games begin, and come out of the chute raking. Happened in 2006 too.

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