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Originally Posted by Pantokrator View Post
The problem is that Colin comes off unprepared. He does not do a good job explaining. Someone in his position you would expect to have a good response instead of "Look, it's Carcillo, he is doing something dumb. Cammaleri, well, come on, I mean, it's Cammaleri, the game is tied. You're telling me it's the same as Carcillo?" It comes off childish and defensive.
It isn't that he's unprepared...he's been doing this job long enough that no preparation should be necessary. The problem for him is that their policy for determining suspensions is ridiculous. Therefore, when he's sitting there trying to explain it he sounds ridiculous.

This is why the "ivory tower" statement is actually so relevant. As long as they get to have all their dialogue internal, they don't get called on their crap. The teams and players are BENEATH Campbell and the league, so they can't call them on their crap. The more they go out and face actual people questioning the more the holes in the policy are going to be jammed in their face.

You say he comes off clearly against Bullying when the game is decided; if only he did say as much. I think that might be what he meant to say, but he actually says Cammaleri is not bullying. WHat does hitting someone in the head mean then? As it is, he just gives fodder for those who say that he is inconsistent.
It's all subjective...whether he likes the player or not, or whether he thinks the player is a "bully" or not.

And that interview is merely a product of their inconsistency...which isn't really inconsistency. They're pretty consistent in their "inconsistency" and he outlined it right there. There are different "measuring sticks" for different players.

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