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04-20-2009, 04:21 PM
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Originally Posted by icerocket View Post
The Kostitsyns are more than likely busts. I still can't believe we chose Andrei over Zach Parise. Those prospects are just that, prospects and judging from what we've gotten so far it isn't too promising. Pleks and the Kostitsyns were gonna carry this team and we haven't seen that. Price (although I still believe will become great) has major confidence issues and I hope he is better than M-A Fleury.

The only we had success last season was because everything went right and then in the playoffs this team was destroyed by the forecheck.

Yes injuries hurt this team (Markov is the best player on this team) but guess what? Injuries are part of the game. Clearly our depth is not as good as it seems.

I love Bob, and I constantly have to defend him when i talk to my friends but this topic is praising him for what is a miserable season.

And if this team looks completely different next season, how can you say the team Bob built was the right team?
The right team? No there could have been improvements but given what he had to work with its a pretty decent team when healthy. Kostitsyns are still too young to be called "busts" if Philly gave up on Carter so easily they would have shot themselves in the foot. Parise is a monster and we should of taken him, but theres so many shoulda coulda wouldas that you have to stop, look what we have, take into account their age and say wow, we started with **** all and now have a fairly decent prospect pool with some potential first line players. Don't judge kids who have only made it to their 2nd year, by that Logic Price is close to a bust considering he had a subpar year.

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