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09-17-2004, 05:46 PM
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Originally Posted by Stich
A luxury tax will not fix the problems in the league, which is exactly why the owners are not accepting one.

The only way it would help is if the tax is so strict that it was virtually a cap... and that wouldn't be accepted by the union.
And exactly why wouldn't a medium-stiff luxury tax fix most of the league's problems?

A luxury tax is the only way to solve this. Players will never accept a hard cap, owners will never accept an open free-market system. A luxury tax is the only middle ground, and the players have shown they're willing to negotiate on this front. The only way this will ever be solved is by using a luxury tax to drag the league average salary to somewhere in between the $1.3 and $1.9 million numbers each side is proposing at this point. And it should be easily doable, if both sides are willing to negotiate.

If you're going to dump on my proposal, at least explain why it wouldn't work for the league, and why most teams wouldn't be making money under this system.

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