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04-20-2009, 04:36 PM
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Cant help it, if the habs lose, i dont feel like going out anymore, and im all pissy, if they win, its gonna be a great night, cant fight it

however, i did notice how theres absolutely NO BUZZ what so ever this year, ...compared to last year and other years?? HOLY S**** what a DIFFERENCE, and it was literaly, the markov injury, it completely deflated the whole city because, everyone, and i mean EV ER Y ONE, knew what it meant when markov went "down"

and it was obviously an accumulative thing, tanguay going down, higgins going down, LANg going down hurt BIGTIME and thats when the delfation really kind of started...and then the koivu kovalev tanguay line TOOK over and we were all kind of getting happy and optimistic again

And then, every single habs fan worst possible dreams were realized, after all we went thought this year, MARKOV goes down, with 4 games left, and the balloon poped and its safe to say, even 10 year old kids knew what this meant..thats how bad of a blow this was, even those lil kid hab fans know that without markov, its pretty pointless..

I think were going to have a great year next year tho, the problem players have been CONCRETELY identified, and wether it IS gainey or not thats going to fix these problems, the problems have been found.

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