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04-20-2009, 05:45 PM
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man can people be this stupid?? Lets rewind back to last off-season shall we. We reach the second round but lose and get eliminated. The team finished 1st in the eastern conference (2nd for ppl who think pitts tanked) and our youngsters all had very good years. Gainey did what anybody in his position would have done, he strenghtened the center position and brought in more talent in lang and tanguay. At the time EVERYBODY thought o'byrne was gonna progress and fill-in the 4th defenseman role as he had played a good season. How was he to know that all the youngsters were gonna suck, that the goalie situation was gonna flop in the second half, that injuries were gonna hit the team, that the defense was gonna forget how to play defense and that the pp was gonna suck. He thought we had it in our team to replace souray like we did with streit but we didnt. This is where you can fault him though as it cost us a lot of points. But the rest of the team, you guys would honestly look at trading them all, after having finished 1 in the conference and all having career years? Gainey improved on that team with tanguay and lang and based on the previous year built a very good team. Now that everything has gone to hell, all of you bash him for assembling a team that sucks when all of you would have done the same thing. You guys make rational fans sick. Stop writing stupid posts and think for once.

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