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04-20-2009, 06:56 PM
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We need to bring back Sullivan. I expect it will get done. 2-3 years, 2.5 million apiece.

Wilson will be in the plans to play on our team next year even if they send him down at camp.

Ward will be resigned - see Fiddler extension after his 15+ goal year.

One of Fiddler/Bonk/Nichol could be back, and if one is back, my money is on Fiddler. Roster wise, they should be gone unless we are willing to move one of Smithson/Pihlstrom. It is possible that we axe Smithson in favor of one of the above, but I doubt it.

Zanon/DeVries/Koistinen....probably all three are gone, although one of the latter two COULD be resigned if it is for 750k or less.

Radulov will be back in the NHL. He will be either traded or starting as our top 6 winger. I really think this happens. I am going to move forward with him in the lineup. I would say an extension will be given, and this is another reason why I think Sullivan will be back (see the whole Arnott/Radulov/Sullivan thread).

WITH the above plans, I suspect we will see this lineup:

Sullivan - Arnott - Dumont
Erat - Legwand - Radulov (!?!)
Ward - Wilson - Jones
Pihlstrom - O'Reilly - Tootoo

Extras: Smithson/Belak

Weber - Suter
Hamhuis - Sulzer
Klein - Blum or Franson

Extra: One of Devries/Koistinen or another Milwuakeean (Laakso could hop in here)

Ellis --> will be traded, I am almost positive of this. I have no idea what we would do for a backup if he is moved.

Personal preference: I would rather ditch Smithson in favor of Fiddler as Fiddler is the better pker and player. He is also a more versatile player. With that said, Smithson is under contract, Fiddler is not.

Notes: David Poile and Trotz love some of the free agents that will be leaving. It will be interesting to see what we do. Really, all of our UFAs should be gone except for maybe Sullivan and Zanon. It seems like Zanon has priced himself out of Nashville, but we all thought the same for Ellis and several others before. Keep an eye on this situation because I still give it a 50/50 chance of happening. I think Zanon's agent is angling for a Jeff Finger contract, and rightfully so, but that boneheaded contract is not going to happen again. Its hard to imagine Trotz/Poile letting Nichol/Fiddler leave, but they really should unless they are willing to move some of the lower level or younger players of similar ilk that are chomping at the bit to be in the lineup.

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