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09-17-2004, 06:40 PM
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Originally Posted by Sotnos
I see where you're going with this (I think), but it seems that it will take a long time for player salaries to come down, since the only type of reduction that's going on is with the entry level contracts and the RFAs.

Just to throw out the team I support as an example, Tampa's projected payroll for 04-05 is around $40mil already without St. Louis signed. The team reportedly made a profit of $3+ mil last year, and that's with an almost full slate of playoff games. First time they've turned a profit in 5 years (again, reportedly). With this plan, Tampa would be paying out money what little money they might make to be distributed to teams that hit the narrow window between $30-$38 mil.

I can see how this would help over the long term, but over the short term, it doesn't sound like something the owners would agree on. If I'm missing something, let me know, please.
With any proposal, though, there will be issues like this, and Tampa seems to be a team that'll fare poorly no matter what. If the league gets their $31 million hard cap, how does Tampa respond? They're already $10 million over that ... they'd probably have to dump at least 2-3 core players to get into that range. I don't think this would be too appetizing to Tampa fans either. Under my proposal, they could take a smaller hit to their talent base (dump one core player), settle into the $37-38 million salary range, and take advantage of revenue sharing to continue making a profit. To me that beats the effects of a hard cap ... they don't lose nearly as much of what they've spent the last few years building.

The choices for Tampa fans are either:

A) take a huge hit to your talent base with a hard cap
B) maintain your talent base, and take small losses for a year or two on a more moderate deal (ie my proposal) until the positive effects start to kick in.
c) take a smaller hit to your talent base and continue to make a profit with a more moderate deal

Either way, TB fans won't be completely happy, but it can't be perfect. IMO my solution is more friendly than what the owners want. There's no way you'll be able to keep your entire team together AND make a profit the next couple years ... at least what I'm saying gives TB ownership a choice of directions.

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