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09-17-2004, 07:42 PM
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To me, a $31mil hard salary cap is so unfeasible, it's a non-starter and really shouldn't enter into discussions. I'm not even sure anymore where that figure came from, it was never confirmed by anyone that I know of. Unless there's some type of extreme salary rollback, I don't see how a lot of teams could even ice a full roster. There's no way there can be a hard cap that low unless they're either grandfathering some salaries or starting the League over IMO.

It seems like it would take more than one or two years for us to see the effect of your program on salaries, however. Changing the qualifying offer % and the current arbitration system we have are very needed, I think, as are setting some limits on entry-level contracts. But it will take time to see the effects from that since salaries are so high now to begin with. Several years, not just a year or two. I don't think the owners want to go through several more years of losses, they want immediate relief.

I don't know if everything in your proposal is workable, but you're on the right track and you've given it a lot more thought than most people. Kudos

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