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04-20-2009, 08:07 PM
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Originally Posted by LesHabsRock View Post
Every mistake ends up in our net, but when Boston makes one Thomas is in position to make that save. While you can say it's not Price's fault, at the same time, he hasn't stepped up to keep us in the game either.
This. I've been a supporter of both goalies, and as a former goalie, I can watch those goals and understand the excuses made for why they were difficult for Price to save, and how we're missing player X and defender Y. Difficult, mind you. Not impossible. Goalies who step up in the playoffs find ways to battle and stop those pucks against unfavourable odds.

I'm in no way saying that Carey is garbage or that he should be dealt or any of that. But at this point in their careers, Halak has shown an ability to battle and stop pucks when he has to, under difficult circumstances, more than Price imo. Price has games where he makes lots of big stops, and games where he saves a really high percentage of the shots that he faces...

...But in the playoffs, you fight better teams that play with more of a sense of urgency, so you are going to face harder shots and better scoring opportunities. And so far, in his limited experience, he hasn't shown me that he knows what it means to battle for the puck and prevent those killer momentum swing goals in the face of adversity. He's still young, and he may find it. But right NOW, the Habs need some competitive spirit from between the pipes that may become infectious.

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