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09-17-2004, 11:16 PM
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Originally Posted by Levitate
i don't really get it though...the guy throws a hit (most say it was clean, some say dirty) on a star player...alright, then he backs it up by fighting the teams tough guy, twice even. just how long is he supposed to "back it up" and be "honerable" or something?

is he just supposed to keep dropping the gloves every time he gets on the ice? that's bull IMO...if we expect these guys to "back it up" we need to expect the other team to acknowledge when they've done that and call it even or whatever
Actually it's not bull and it's one reason why guys like Gretzky didnt suffer the fate of todays stars and have 18 concussions. Because players KNEW that right, wrong or indifferent, they were gonna get haunted and hunted if they went after the star player.

Whether it's bull or not that's what you do to protect your stars. It's all about intimidation and you make sure that no one even thinks for a second that they're gonna get away with something. Why do you think you saw so many 300 and 400 pim players in the past. Because they knew there job was to make sure the other players werent even thinking about it, before they even thought about it. If they actually did do it, they'd never forget it.

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