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04-20-2009, 10:33 PM
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Originally Posted by BadHabit View Post
Kovalev and the coach obviously didn't see eye to eye, how many points did Kovy get after Carbo left? The guy is still a contender at his age. Point made.

And besides, just because someone scored 50 points doesn't mean they're a 50 point player. Remember, Koivu missed 17 games this year. And you have to give him a little credit - the guy is the longest serving member of the Habs, the Captain, and always works hard. And you want to cut his pay? Right. He'll walk and we'll get nothing.
Sure Kovalev still has the skills to be good, i bet he still has the best hands in the league in 5 years But there is no way I could justify 4.75 million for a guy that games off like Kovalev does. Maybe him and Carbo didn't get along (by the way they seemed to be fine last year), but do you believe that a player like Kovalev will play the way he did the last 15 games of this year, all of next year for a different coach.
As for Koivu, I will always be a fan of his, but honestly, 5 Million. His playing and leading abilities are on the downswing. And props to him for being the longest serving player but that shouldn't be a reason to give an absurd raise to a player, which ties up money that could be better used trying finally to entice a decent UFA or something.

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