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09-17-2004, 11:01 PM
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Originally Posted by Sotnos
I'm in my thirties, I am well aware that things are not always fair. What I am asking is, how does this plan help in the short term, which (to me) is what the owners are most interested in?
You strike me as very aware of that, but sometimes I tend to fall into the trap too of thinking if Redden and Chara both get $8mil as UFAs a few years from now, that it would be demonstrating the unfairness of the system if we had to choose just one after we had them for 10 years, or in Tampa Bays case even became champions.. When maybe its more just the unfairness of lfe.

How does it help what though? My vision of good competitive spirit, team building, equality of opportunity, and fairness for all? I think it looks like something that would plant a good framework. Course I dont model my ideas,

Is this the real goal for the owners in this particular conflict you think? Or do they see 10 yrs ahead with some 20-50Billion of revenues up for grabs and would like to salary under duress their commision employees while they go through it.

I dont know if these ideas would address any of the owners real concerns. Which as stated seems to be a negotiated link between revenues and expenses at a rate lower than a marketplace would naturally come to. I have to think they are clever enough to manage their expenses in a marketplace.

If they think fans think a cap will be better, they will want to do it figuring it will sell better. I probably naively feel, if they spent as much time teaching us fans how it works and why they are making the choices they do as they do whining about the injustice of it all, fans would learn to love it and play along. John Cleese could sell string to anybody

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