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04-20-2009, 11:22 PM
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hey whatever works for you .... I have a good wristshot and an incredibly awesome slapshot that breaks glass sometimes.

i do not use a knob, I just crisscross twisted up tape into a rope like appearance wrappit in a criss cross pattern and then taping over that to make a ribbed handle with no knob.

okay i suck at describing it but whatever.

The problem i have though in return is that the palm of my handle hand wears out very VERY quickly in the middle of the palm so whenever I buy new gloves I contact cement a leather patch where i always get a hole and just replace the patch which saves the palm of my glove.

In any case as stated whatever works for you personally is what you should do. Eever look at Ward's stick handle for the bruins .... i would never be able to play with that whittled down thing. he sucks heavily at stick handle making but hey .... it works for him.

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