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04-21-2009, 12:06 AM
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Originally Posted by Hockeyfan68 View Post
yes this is important ... i have a custom radius for my height and weight which is 235lbs. people do not realize that when you are big or small you should have a custom radius for your build.

I also have a custom rocker point in my blade that suits my style which is to turn tightly once in a while but I play more a rush the net style and do not make quick cuts and tight turns as often. A defenseman will have one customized where the contact point is closer to his toes as he skates backwards most of the time, some forwards have it in the middle and some off the middle towards the rear so they sit more on their ball of their feet.

Everyone skates differently so one skate blade shape does not fit everyone. it would be like saying one stickblade curve should be used by everyone.

I do not know what my skate has other than the guy who does them saying the radius is custom and the hollow is in between 1/2" and 5/8" and he copied a skate I brought him for the contact rocker point.

I also have a not very deep hollow and again I do not know what he sets his wheel for for me exactly but I like a shallow hollow for more speed and enough for tighter turns. If one wants to grab into the ice in tight turns more they will have a deeper hollow. The hollow is the depth running down the lenmgbth of the blade.

Also you may consider that whomever is doing your skates sucks at it. It happens ... sometimes they get the hollow off center so turning one way works fine and the other is off balance.

The guy that does my skates does the skates for QMJHL MAINEiacs team in my hometown and I will never let anyone else touch my skates except him now. They are PERFECT.

Finding someone who knows what they are doing for a custom radius isn't easy in the United States though some places have a computerized thingie they claim does a good job. Good luck if this may be something that helps you out.

The above mentioned face off dot exercise is extremely good too ... I do legovers endlessly in tight circles with my stick in the middle of a dot until I am dizzy. Good practice on outdoor ice when nobody is there to play a pickup game.
A defensive profile would just back of neutral, for skating backward.
A forward (this includes centermen)would have his skates cut forward of neutral for more speed and explosive take offs and for turning sharper.

As for the sharp, I like the 5/8 sharp and I play D most of the time but I like my skates cut forward just slightly 25/50. I am thinking about moving the profile forward just a little bit.

here is a good explanation of profiles and sharps.

You are just going to have to force yourself to trust your blades will hold the ice in turns and do it over and over again until you are comfortable in a leaning position in a turn.
your skates will only help so much. I spend 20 min turning forward and backwards every time I skate, when ever I skate public skate or stick and puck. I'm not the greatest skater in the world but a few friends have been surprised at how much better my skating is than just a few months ago and it's just from practice. running the same drills over and over.

When you are at stick and puck practice turning sharp with your stick on the ice and use it to lean on as you cut to your shooting side.

good luck.

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