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04-21-2009, 01:00 AM
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Thanks for the help guys. Really each post has been helpful, you guys are great.

Like some of you have said, I try to turn my shoulder into the turn, to lean into the turn like your supposed to, but when I turn my shoulders I want to turn my hips, brining the opposite foot in front.

So for example if Im turning to the right, I always want to bring my left foot in front. Its kind of like when you do a crossover to the right and your right foot sort of fall falls out from under you to your left. Thatís what seems natural to me and having your right foot in front just feels so unnatural to me. I think my biggest problem is Ive never been comfortable leaning to one side, I donít trust my edges.

As for the radius thing, is this something they do at normal chain hockey shops? I play on Easton SE10ís and they do have kind of a flat blade, so maybe thatís the problem? Is changing it out expensive?

Originally Posted by Steelhead16 View Post
The thing I see most with people who can't turn tight is they don't use their shoulders. You can't turn your hips without turning your shoulders. My suggestion is when turning on your forehand side that you set your stick blade on the ice and turn around your stick. Try using the faceoff dots to practice this. Skate up to the face off dot, inside skate in front of the outside skate. Skates closer than shoulder width apart. Set your stick inside the faceoff dot and don't let it slide out. This will turn your shoulders and hips and then turn hard on your edges and make one crossover as you finish the turn and get straight in the opposite direction.
When going the other way follow your stick through the turn. Point your stick in the direction you are going to turn. Cross your hands over so your bottom hand is leading and the back of your hand is facing the ceiling. Top hand elbow in tight to your body and knuckles toward the ceiling. If you just stand still with your feet together on the ice and do this with your stick and hands you will notice that your whole body will turn. This again will turn your shoulders and hips and then follow your stick around and make one crossover to finish the turn. Keep your weight about 60/40 on your outside edge of your inside foot. Hope this all makes sense. Good luck!!!
Thanks for the tip, I cant wait to try it out. Though Im not really getting the bolded part, is it a completely different grip, how are both your knuckles up?

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