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04-21-2009, 12:50 PM
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Originally Posted by Kriss E View Post
Yes, that's why we lost, because of their size and toughness.

It's not because they simply are more talented. No, that had a really minor impact.

Toughness had nothing to do with it. Not only are we missing key players, but Boston have played a well structured system that started to get in place last season. We on the other hand, have struggled all season long to find some type of system until Gainey fired Carbo. He tried to implement one, and just as it was getting better, we lose our #1 D (happens to be our top scorer) and our PP Point shot. Add them to our already injured players, and the ones on a cold streak. That gives us a team with very little proven talent.

Blaming it on grit again is just weak.
They simply are more talented and there system is executed to perfection.

Where it's mainly played is on Defense. They have a very effective D squad and the back check from their forwards is always present (how many 2-1s or 3-2s did we have so far?) and their zone coverage is almost flawless.
Now compared to us, we have a battered and panicky D. Mistakes after mistakes in our zone, bad coverage from our forwards and it seems the Fs are always too tired to do an effective back check.

Toughness, grit, whatever you want to call it, is the last reason why we're down 3-0 if you even want to call it a reason.
Bruins have a system and talent but toughness is a big part of it too. These guys are for real! They have an edge to them, a killer instinct and team spirit that the Habs never had all season.

The Habs have had zero killer instinct. Our guys have lost fights all year, they're scared puppies at everything they do. Grit and tougness has a lot to do to be strong and hard along the boards and come out of it with the puck. You think a guy like Lucic is just good with scoring and dropping the gloves but is weak along the boards? No it's part of the whole package.

Habs have looked like kids playing adults all series. And that's not only because Julien has a good system.

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