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04-21-2009, 01:19 PM
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Originally Posted by psu711 View Post
Believe me... i have zero love for Avery... but what he did was a glorified face wash... A tad bit worse than the one Cannon gave crosby near the end of game 3.

Avery didnt wind up and swing or use his body motion to connect. I wouldnt call it a punch (Maybe thats just me).

This is exactly my problem with people getting on the NHL and CC.... If you want to have "grown up" talk about the problems with NHL refs (management) and the inconstancies we see from them (because i think we all agree there are some issues), you have to be able to step back and judge each incident without getting personal about it..

Again, i cant stand Avery and dont think he belongs in the league (when he acts like this), but that "shove" to a helmet (not a face) is not close to the shot Carcillo took. (IMHO)
Avery knew exactly what he was doing. Problem is, Varlamov didnt bite. it wasnt a punch, but it was more then a facewash. he took a swipe at his head as hes skating by. Is it suspendable? I dont think it is. His antics did more damage then any suspension will do. He took several dumb penalties that took away any momentum or any chance of any momentum the Rangers might have had to get back into the hockey game. He was taking dumb penalties, arguing with officials and just being plain stupid.
Comparing what Avery did with his glove to what Carcillo did with the buttend of the stick is like comparing Laraque's baseball slide into Biron last year in that regular season game to Richards face wash of Crosby in game 3 last year.
They are 2 different things.

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