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Originally Posted by hockeytown9321
Please list the good things Bettman has done for the league.
Under Bettman ticket sales have increased from ~14,000 per game leaguewide to the 16,500 league has averaged the last few years, including the highest per game attendance in league history in 2002-03.

Under Bettman leaguewide revenue has increased from $500M to $2 Billion, and even more if you ask the players. That means that the average team generated $19.25M in revenue when Bettman took over and now the average team generates $66.67M in revenue, a 345% increase.

When Bettman took office the league made only $17M from the national TV deal. Even though the guaranteed money from the TV deal dropped to $60M this year, that's still a 354% increase in 10 years.

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