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09-18-2004, 08:40 AM
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Originally Posted by hockeytown9321
From the articles on TSN today, it looks like Edmonton and Calgary would lose about the same whether they played or not, so they might jump on something that saves the season. I think Dallas, LA and Phoenix would compromise. Thats almost half the league. Those teams could probably convince 3-4 others to compromise, maybe Tampa, maybe Ottawa, maybe New Jersey, maybe even Boston. If Anaheim ends up being sold, the new owner is probably going to want to get something from his investment, and he hasn't been the one losing money, so he'd probably be more willing to compromise. I think you could even talk Lemieux into it, because the Penguins need revenue bad, and a luxury tax would provide that.

someone said NJ's ex-owner(Dr. MacMillin), made the comment that he'd never turned a profit on the team.NJ and NY newspapers say the Devils lose millions each yr.I don't agree that the Devils could be convinced to compromise.

The Sens have a deep pocketed owner,but because of the arena,are losing $.I'm not sure if the Sens would compromise.

Boston's owner is a hardliner.He wants the union broken/weakened.He'd be one of the last owners to compromise.

Pens have been forced to file for bankruptcy protection.They've looked at a new cba,a salary cap, as their franchise's best hope for the future.The Pens will be one of the last teams to compromise.

Edmonton and Calgary have been waiting for the new cba for several yrs,expecting it will level the playing field,allow them to hold onto their star players instead of having to trade them to deeper pocketed teams.I don't see Edmonton or Calgary backing off the salary cap issue.Save this season, so that they can continue to tread water financially for the next 5-6 seasons?

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