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09-18-2004, 10:24 AM
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Originally Posted by Stich
Yep.... glad someone gets it.

But, I'd really like to know what Bettman has done wrong from the fans perspective also.

Here's a couple things that I don't like...
1. Getting rid of the traditional division & conference games
2. Going to a 1-8 seed from the division playoffs in the first two rounds.
But the league has lost over $1.5 billion since Bettman took over. That aint good leadership. He knows a cap is the only way to save his ass, that's why he's pushing so hard for it.

He did a helluva job negotiating national TV deals. Every single one he got was for less money and less games than the last. He watered down the league through expansion, making the game less marketable. He gave into the NBA and ABC to make the schedule condensed, leading to more injuries and agian a less marketable product. He's had several marketable, superstar players under his watch, which he did nothing with. I guess the question is is the league better or worse off than it was when he took over, and how much blame does he take? I tend to give him alot.

On the fan side of things, we have the glowing puck, the two ref system, and expansion. I'm sure fans in Winnipeg and Hartford aren't real thrilled with him. He already almost made us miss a season because of a lockout where he totally caved in.

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