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09-18-2004, 11:07 AM
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Originally Posted by FlyersFan10
Truth of the matter was that this was a bad, bad decision by Clarke and company to not sign Richards and Carter to entry level contracts when they had the opportunity. To gamble on what the new CBA will be like is a foolish, foolish decision and I have a funny feeling it's going to come back and burn them in the end. Can you picture having to tell Carter and Richards, both cornerstones in the future, that "well, we didn't think you were worth what you were to have received under the old CBA and that Anthony Stewart and Dion Phaneuf were worth more than you two". What a slap in the face. This is exactly the reason why Clarke needs to go. I've defended his decisions in the past, but this past summer, the fact that he let Recchi walk, tried to resign two players who don't want to be here (Zhamnov and Malakhov would have signed the offers if they wanted to be here) and to now let our top two prospects sit and pee in the wind while the league and the PA disagree about a CBA are just even more reason to let him go. If Clarke was so serious about getting the Philadelphia house in order, then the buyouts of Leclair and Amonte, letting Malakhov and Zhamnov go, plus signing Richards and Carter would have been the way to go. Clearly, Bobby has lost it. It's time to get a completely new management core in there. Bobby and the cronies have to go. I will say this though. If we need a new GM in Philadelphia, David Conte or Jim Nill would make great choices........
#1. They still have the opportunity to sign Carter & Richards.

Chances are that they will sign the two to contracts roughly half of what their peers got. This should be seen as a plus for the Flyers and not a negative.

#2. Recchi completely disappeared the final moneth of the season and the playoffs. The Flyers let Recchi know that they were interested, but would have to see what the CBA came out with to see what kind of money they could offer him.

Recchi showed that money was the only thing he worried about, going back to Pittsburgh. He knows he has NO chance to win anything.

#3. Zhamnov and Malakhov would like to return, but they are gambling that the new CBA doesn't change things very much and that money will be more available after the CBA is signed than GM's are thinking.

It's a roll of the dice by the two Russians. Either they'll cash in big time, or they'll have left a bit of money on the table.

#4. There is a very very good reason for no buying out LeClair and Amonte until a new CBA is signed.

If they bought them out now LeClair would cost $12 million and Amonte around $6 milliom.

If the season is wiped out, which most people feel is at least a 50/50 opportnity, it will only cost the Flyers $6 million and $3 million to buy them out.

Instead of "losing" it, the management team has just been getting better. Last year was clearly our best team since the mid-80's ... and to go along with that we also have a number of young players waiting in the wings.

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