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09-18-2004, 01:55 PM
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Originally Posted by Puckhead
The lockout will last until January of 2006, at which point the owners if they can remain united will break the union, and get their cap. The players who rank some 700+ strong, cannot remain on the same page for a prolonged period of time and that is why they will crack and give in to most of what the owners want, yes even a cap. The players feel that if they wait until late Dec. that the owners, through fear of losing the rest of the season and more importantly the playoffs, will cave, as they did in '94. However, if the owners don't see major steps toward reviving the health of the game, why would they rush back. They look at the last work stoppage and wish they had done more to get control back from the players, and this time they are playing hard ball, because if they don't, there will not be enough of a game left to come back for in a couple of years. If the players force the issue, and lose the season and playoffs, then that will just make the owners that much more angry and determined to make sure this goes a long time. I think that the players will begin to speak out against the PA and will force their reps and higher ups to do whatever it takes to get a deal done. I feel Jan 2006 is about right, unless the players begin to lose their composure early, in which case Sept 2005. Either way, I feel this season is toast and damn them all for that!
Right On!!! Jan. 2006 in what i think as well!! its gonna be along 1.5 years !!

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