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09-18-2004, 02:55 PM
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I like this proposal. I think it has a lot of good merits. A couple of tweaks I would make is a personal salary cap per player. Max salary should be no more than 15%-20% of the salary tax level. This league cannot afford a 10 million dollar player.

Also I would like to see a cap of 50-60% of the average revenue of the top 5 teams. It would give a big market some flexibility to spend over the luxury tax level but still leave a high end cap at say the high 50 million dollar range. The whole point of revenue sharing and luxury tax is to bring the bottom up and the top down.

I dont think the large market teams will accept revenue sharing as this will actually bring the value of there teams down. The small markets would love it because it brings the value of the franchises up.

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