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09-18-2004, 03:38 PM
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Originally Posted by chriss_co
The owners can't give anything because if they do other than their current proposals, you will have teams folding.

The $200 million concession is for 1 year. The luxory tax is nothing. It isn't strict and it doesn't prevent teams from overspending. Are you going to have continual 5% rollbacks every 3 years? Cuz thats what its going to take or more. The system the players proposed does not control salaries for a long period of time. Let's get a system that will be healthy for many many years. Not just for one year.
What was it? $0.20 tax on each dollar over $50 million? a one time 5% rollback on salaries? That's supposed to fix the financial problems in the NHL? The players are only holding out because they think the owners will give in - and if the owners do give in - the NHLPA knows that salaries will start going up again.

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