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09-18-2004, 09:25 PM
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Originally Posted by garry1221
if there's only a small handful of 'strong teams' then it does nothing for most casual fans, if you've got detroit fans in atlanta and the only way they'll come to the rink is if detroit is playing, then it doesn't matter how atlanta draws any other time, there would still be one less person for 99 % of home games,

this is not a reason that a cap would be bad for hockey, no one knows if it would create mediocrity, example, on paper the rangers should have won 3 or 4 cups in the last 5 - 6 years, but paper means nothing on ice, if we had a league full of teams like the rangers then there would be the mediocrity that you speak of, but as of now, there's nothing to prove that a cap would create mediocrity throughout the league, i'd actually think it would create a stronger league, if there were players who couldn't sign w/ any of the big market teams because of cap reasons, yet are talented enough to still make a difference on a team, then they'd either a) have to sign w/ a 'smaller market team' or b) play in europe for less $$ then they could get here

if the above situation did happen you'd see more teams starting to gain popularity as well as producing more points, making a more competitive league as a whole
There is nothing wrong with the competitiveness of the league -- certianly nothing that warrants a salary cap. The reason the league wants a cap is purely economical.

The fact you mention the Rangers goes to my point, which is that money doesn't buy NHL happiness. You need to build a team, cap or no cap. The Red Wings did it in the 90's, as did New Jersey, Colorado and Dallas. Calgary certainly didn't buy their way to the Cup Finals, nor did Anaheim, Carolina, or Buffalo.

However, saying on paper the Rangers should have won 3 - 4 Cups in the past 5 - 6 years is bordering on ridiculous. They should have made the playoffs those years, but the win the Cup 3 - 4 times...

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