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04-22-2009, 09:04 AM
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i dont know where the confusion is. a left handed shooter has their right hand on top of their stick, opposite for a right ahnded shooter.

most people that play hockey left handed may do other things right handed, like write or even golf(rolston, naslund). the point of the quote is that some left handed shooters are actually right hand dominate. their dominant hand(right hand) is on the top of the stick. the top hand of the stick does most of the controlling of the stick, the bottom hand is for most of your power.

i do every thing right handed. i guess when i was really young using a rightie stick felt natural to me. it may have been forced on me but im not sure. if i had become a left handed shot, my stick control may have been better.

most left(or even right) catching goalies are good shooters because they are using their natural stick.

example, martin brodeur catches left and uses a left handed curved stick. if he were to skate up he would still use a left handed stick. he would also probably throw a baseball right handed and catch with the left

me, i catch left handed as a goalie but use a right handed stick when skating up, so my shot as a goalie isnt that great. i also catch left handed when playing baseball and throw right handed

there arent many full left handed people so that 65% number is somewhat misleading. they shoot left handed but not all of them are fully left handed

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