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09-18-2004, 10:43 PM
Vito Andolini
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Originally Posted by NYR469
i don't care that we lost martz, but what would it have hurt or cost us to invite him to training camp?? with all the $$ that cablevision is saving this year not paying nhl salaries, we could sign him and let him play in charlotte for the year and then let him walk if he doesn't surprise us?

its just bad assest management...he most likely will turn into nothing but whats the point of letting him go without even so much as a training camp?? falardeau probably won't turn into anything either but isn't it better to sign him and cross you fingers knowing that worst case scenario you'd be left in the same position as if you released him now meaning that you risked nothing?
You act like the Rangers just flip a coin on whether they want to sign a kid. I know this is a assed backwards organization, but they do have scouts. Obviously their was something about this kid that management didn't like. I'm sure they've scouted him throughout his college years and the kid just hasn't proved that he is worthy of a contract.

As Edge mentioned, developing prospects takes time and money. There are a fixed number of roster spots, especially in the current situation, and somewhere along the line management has to make decisions on who is worthy of that time and $.

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