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09-19-2004, 01:42 AM
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How to stop a lockout...

This was originally in response to another post, but as I wrote it, I realized it wasn't a bad idea for its own post:

That the Owners lose much less $ (just arena fees, taxes, administration fees) than if they have a team. Who is really getting the shaft are the resturaunt/parking lot owners in the 30 cities arena disctricts. How is this going to be resolved? Form a nationwide union of buisness owners in the arena district and open a lawsuit against both the NHLPA and NHL owners for monatary and punitive damages because of the lockout for lost revenue. For example, 40 buisnesses from LA, 40 from NYC and 30 from 10 other large market cities. That would 340 buisnesses, who is my estimation, on average, could claim .5 million on average loss in buisness every month. Take that and put it at 3 months. Thats a 510 million dollar lawsuit, just in monatary damages. Add to that court fees, other expenses, it could get very ugly quickly

Overall, This could have one of three effects:
#1. Force both sides to sit down and get a settlement
#2. Break the NHLPA
#3. Fold the NHL.

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