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09-19-2004, 07:42 AM
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Originally Posted by me2
Would Detroit be half the cup chance they are if their total salary was $45m? Would their Dynasty have lasted without money?
Building a cup team is only half the issue, it takes big money to keep that team together and big money to prolong its life (like Detroit with all of its UFA signings and picking up older stars for cheaper trade prices).

How long will Tampa be able to maintain a cup level team if its budget is under $40m or under $45m.

I'm always confused why Detroit is labled a big market team in hockey buy a small market in nearly every other sport. During the 80's, the Red Wings were a terrible team, far from the cash cow that they were 'managed' into. Through strong drafts, excellent coaching, they were able to build a strong team. They didn't start their free agent signing until they had built a team that could generate the revenue needed. As their success grew on the ice, so did their revenue. Detroit may be on the brink of seeing their investment in those aging free agents return them to the middle of the pack. If so, I think you will see them return to their original success- drafting, coaching, and development.

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