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Originally Posted by garry1221
please give reasons that you think a cap would tear apart a great team, i believe the opposite because i see a cap a) driving player salaries down b)allowing teams to re-sign their players because the market could no longer significantly over-inflate a players value ie martin lapointe

a cap/lux tax could work completely well in the nhl, but the lpayers don't want it to work cause it would mean no more 8 - 9 - 10 mil paychecks coming out... booo freakin hoooo
I've given numerous expampes of realisitc situations where teams will lose good and great players because if a cap. Look through my old posts, there's no point for me to type it all again.

A luxury tax is much different than a cap, and its something the players have offered. Whether you think their proposal was worthwhile or not isn't relevent. It was a starting point. Negotiation is about finding middle ground. So far, the players have moved and the owners haven't. I dislike Brian Burke, but he at least made a legitimate proposal for the owners side. If the league took his solution, they could actually negotiate and have something done before the game is ruined.

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