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Originally Posted by Coach Parker View Post
We'll have to agree to disagree on this. I think Ryder has been absolutely stunning this year even strength and his +/- reflects that. Furthermore, all his points this post-season were even-strength and with the exception of last year, Ryder has put up fantastic numbers for both teams.
Hey, I like Ryder, but for Montreal he was mainly a power play producer. Regardless -- Tanguay has been one of the leading even-strength scorers in the entire league for three years, post-lockout, until Calgary turned him into a checker out of desperation. Even then, he has been one of Calgary's leading even-strength scorers while opposing checking top lines with Conroy and Nolan. He's never been a minus player in his entire career.

Originally Posted by Coach Parker View Post
In contrast, we have Alex Tanguay who scored 16 goals, and 5 of them on the powerplay and 3 were game-winners. His +13 is less than half of Ryder and all garbage about him choosing not to play when asked to aside, Ryder was present for all four playoff games. You can question a persons toughness and ability to step up and play, and we'll probably now find out how injured Tanguay really was, but by looking at this years production, stats and playoff performances, you're isn't even close.
Tanguay also played a lot less games due to injury. Per ES icetime, Ryder and Tanguay scored about the same number of goals and points -- and that was not a good season for Tanguay (who had to recover from serious injury, after all) whereas it was a career season for Ryder in that department. Tanguay is also an excellent defensive forward (that's why Calgary used him to carry their checking line last year) which is not something I'd say of Ryder, though I do think he was underrated.

And please spare me the injury nonsense. It's outright insulting to him. He was hurt, and this is the first year Tanguay has actually suffered a serious injury.

I'm sorry, but I think you'd have to be crazy or a blind homer to take Ryder ahead of Tanguay.

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