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09-19-2004, 03:35 PM
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I believe unions are outdated and no longer necessary.

- labour law suficiently protects workers (esp. in Canada)
- collective salary bargaining destroys the root of productivity: a meritocracy (reward for value provided)
- promotion based on seniority vs. merit further reduce productivity by placing the wrong people in the wrong roles
- union "rules" of who can do what further reduce productivity and options to increase productivity
- unions create a generally unhealthy "us vs. them" between managers and their staff; reducing the agility with which businesses can respond to fast-changing markets
- union leaders are now in fact the very same "fat cats" they historically profess to fight against, making massive salaries and often leading their unions into un-needed job actions simply to justify their high salaries and reason to exist

In a global economy, unions drive up the cost of goods and eventually force their employing companies to move the jobs elsewhere or allow for more competitive, non-unionized competitors to squeeze into their market.

I concur with the original poster's sentiments.

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