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09-19-2004, 04:42 PM
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Originally Posted by kurt
It seems the dispute really has nothing to do with losses, the NHL is simply muscle-flexing, and trying to get the media and fans on their side to try to impose a salary cap, and they're prepared to wait until the bitter end to get it. They're not focused on profits or losses at all, their main goal is a secure position, with a ceiling on expenses.
So youre saying expenses have nothing to do with profits and losses? Youre saying having a ceiling on expenses (ie, having some predictabilty wrt expenses, which are 50 to 100 million per team) has nothing to do with how much money they might lose?

The NHL's position is cost certainty. The NHLPA's position is trust - they dont trust the owners. The NHL stands to continue losing money if a bad agreement is reached. There's no chance the PA will lose money with a bad agreement. They just wouldnt make as much. It seems to me the PA is muscle-flexing more than the NHL.

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