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04-23-2009, 09:15 AM
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Originally Posted by Malakhov View Post
And one day people are gonna realise that no youngsters succeed in montreal because they dont have real talented players to be surrounded with.

You want to bring ex habs players into this? Sure go ahead, it's just gonna prove my point.

Leclair? He was paired with Lindros and became a beast.
You want recent players?
Ribeiro was paired with Morrow and became a better player.
Beauchemin was paired with Niedermayer and became a better player.
Ryder was paired with much better players in Boston to fit his style and became a better player.

I'm not saying the Kost brothers arent good players, they are. I believe A Kost could be a 40 goals scorer in this league, but paired with a really good center, wich we don't have in Montreal. It's time to go get one, no matter what it costs because if we dont, we'll keep heading in the same direction, year after year, like we're doing now.

I love Koivu as much as everyone but it's time to let him go, better for us, better for him.

We have to rethink about OUR WHOLE CENTER POSITION, Koivu and Plekanec aren't cutting it anymore.
First, I think that at this point, nobody is arguing that Koivu is an elite player.

That said, I think that many folks (see quoted) are under the impression that Koivu stands in the way of the Habs obtaining an elite player. How does this make any sense? Saku doesn't make enough money to take the cap space away from a top player - that hasn't been an issue for the Habs anyway, they've tried to throw obscene amounts of cash at Sundin and Briere. Koivu is a free agent, so he can't be part of a trade for an elite player. So what's the issue?

I, for one, am in favour of Koivu returning AND in favour of adding an elite forward. I don't see these things being at odds.

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