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04-23-2009, 09:54 AM
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God Bless America

First off, no one is a bigger fan of this song than me. It just gets the Wach electrified, there's nothing like it when Kate Smith comes on. Add to that its winning %, and it's just a magical song.

That being said, I think that the Flyers are banking on it too much. It is to be used sparingly, but we used it in BOTH game 1 and 2. Granted, I think both those games were must win, but part of its magic is its rarity. If the Flyers win tonight, I would expect Kate Smith to sing for game 6, and rightfully so.

But I think that using her in game 4 was unnecessary. And if you think I'm saying that just because we lost, that's not it at all. My stance would be the same if we had won game 4. We used her in 3 because we came off 2 tough losses and needed a win at home. Game 4, we had all the momentum we needed, she was just an added bonus, which is not what the song, in my eyes, is intended for. For game 6, we are coming off a hypothetical win, yes, but also facing elimination, which tips the scale so we need Kate.

Maybe I'm just overthinking everything lately, but I say we go back to it being a surprise when Kate Smith and Lauren Hart to the duet of God Bless America.

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