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09-19-2004, 06:11 PM
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My evil plan to end all other plans...

I was watching the NY Giants beat the Redskins this afternoon when it suddenly occurred to me...I may have the answer to solve the NHL lockout situation...[it coulda been the beer, who knows?]...

It seems that the fans have no voice. Of course, I've seen a bunch of stupid comments on various message boards proposing that the "fans go on strike" against the NHL or the fans should "boycott the NHL". That might help except for one little problem...YOU CAN'T BOYCOTT THE NHL IF THEY'RE NOT PLAYING, DOH!

So that got me thinking. What could fans do? How many of us watch and enjoy other sports as well as hockey? Of course, there is no greater game than hockey. That's obviously a non-debatable issue. But, I've decided I'm not going to spend a single penny on ANY OTHER SPORT until the NHL and NHLPA fix this mess.

I figured that since we as fans seem to have no say in this CBA matter,,,,maybe we should let more influential people do the talking for us. It's really kind of simple. By boycotting ALL other sports - maybe hockey fans can make an impact. Maybe, if we protested, wrote letters, sent emails, etc., and by not going to any NFL, NBA, MLB games and not buying any sports related cable/satellite packages, or t-shirts, or hoodies, or lids or whatever.....and let it be known that we're not giving those other sports the time of day until hockey is resumed - maybe if enough people are serious about it - just maybe those other sports leagues will hear us, the hockey fans. But more importantly, not only would they "hear" us....they'd feel it, too. In the wallet, where it would hurt the most.

Maybe they won't appreciate the fact that hockey fans are pissed about the NHL lockout and are going to take it out on THEIR leagues. Then maybe those guys.....the NFL, MLB, NBA (whoever) maybe They can get on the NHL's back. Since Bettman & Goodenow aren't listening to us....maybe they'll feel more threatened if they have other sports commissioners and executives on their backs to get a deal done. [And I'm having a little daydream right now and smiling when I think of George Steinbrenner getting pissed cuz 1/4 of Yankee Stadium's seats are empty and nobody's buying Derek Jeter bobbleheads and George is losing business, and he ain't happy - so then George calls Gary the Badman and tells him he damn well better fix this lockout crap or he's gonna put his lawyer goons to work and he'll OWN Gary Bettman, too]....Hoooooo.....ok, sorry about that, my brain just ran away...But, back to what I was saying....

I've seen so many newspaper columns and tv commentators making comments to the effect that "hey, this NHL lockout sure will be good for football or baseball or whatever-ball". But, what if it isn't? What if instead of being good for it,,,,it's BAD for it? I don't think the NFL, MLB, NBA, etc., will stand idly by and not do or say something to the NHL suits if it started having an impact on their pockets. I don't think they'd like it one bit. Maybe they don't have any direct influence over the NHL.....but I'm willing to bet the house that they'd have plenty of ways to apply pressure - ways that we fans just don't have at our disposal.

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