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04-23-2009, 11:43 AM
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Carey price is young and very talented. On top of that, he has great size.

I think we can all agree that mentaly he is not ready to be a #1 and take pressure on his shoulders. For a goalie , its hard to show intensity , to show that you care even when you are not making the saves.

Why was he brought up so quickly in the squad and why has he been presented as a franchise goalie if he wasn't ready? its the organization's responsability. If you don't manage talent in an adequate way, you're going to waste it.

I would also like to point out that THERE IS a problem off the ice over here in Montreal. I am not going to call all of you guys liars ... as many reported stories of guys being wasted prior to game day. Its the players' private lives ... but on the other hand by getting in bars here in Montreal ... they know they are exposing themselves ... the players are at fault, not the common supporter who shares a weird story and gets flammed on.

The organization did a poor job to build a structure for the young players outside the ice. We lacked leadership off the ice ... there wasn't that 25-30 y.o. guy that took responsability and leadership outside the ice. The organization HAD to be more involved with the players. The old fashion way of getting settled is the best way sadly ... and latendresse proved it this year by getting married , having a child .... he had to reach another level of conciousness ... and its that very element that others are lacking.

Back on carey. I've always prefered Halak, I'm not going to lie. Why ? every single game that he needed to step up he did. Can he be our #1 ? I don't know ... we have yet to try. He got called off at 22 years of age by every ''experts'' and former players ... the same experts that use carey's eternal ''ONLY 21 YEARS OLD'' argument to justify his poor performances. He does lets in soft goals every game that counts. Just like huet the season halak brought us at the doorsteps of the playoffs. Halak is the only goalie that never let us down as habs fan. He won impossible games ... sharks anyone? If we recall how it happened... Carbo was about to play Halak for the rest of the season. That game in dallas ... Halak had a cold. When Gainey put Price back in nets on a permanet basis, we started loosing again. its just facts , I'm not saying its price's fault ... but on the other hand were we a better team when Halak was in nets for that 4 games winning streak ?

What Carey does always amazes me. How do you allow yourself to put up 30 pounds during a rookie season in the NHL ? there is no word for that , any attempt to excuse it is just pathetic in my opinion. He told us last year that he struggled mentaly. But this year, on many occasion ...he sais he was good at ''bouncing back'' and that he felt great. was it a lie ?

One thing is for sure , what he did yesterday shows a lot of things. The kid is troubbled ... he won't step in that #1 role before a couple of years ... if he ever does. It was a lack of respect for every montreal canadians fan, as well as a lack of respect for Bob Gainey who kept playing him despite his poor performances, and also a lack of respect for Patrick Roy. I am really questionning myself on Carey's ability to think and reason ... as what happened came out of nowhere. A ridiculous act of selfishness.

I know somehow some HF board members are going to get blammed for what carey did .... somehow ... .... but he's the one to blame for having that kind of preocupations when the game is still 4-1 playoff game and not 11-1 during a reg. season game.

IMO ....

don't want to see him in a habs jersey ever again . In my opinion, its best to part ways with him. trade with tampa , get vinny ... at least you know what you're going to get ... Carey doesn't have emotionnal stability , and probably never will.

my last post before the draft. take good care of yourselves.

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