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04-23-2009, 12:07 PM
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Originally Posted by SkinneeJ View Post
I don't think we need to be doing caps fans any favors by apologizing for beating them. I don't know about the quality of person on the boards here, but half the caps fans I know started following the team last year and thought Bettman had hidden the cup somewhere in the Verizon center.

And I'm tired of hearing things like, "if you didn't have Lundqvist you would have been swept by now." Yeah, and if we had Ovechkin we would have scored 100 goals on you by now. Or maybe we'd be losing 3-1 too...

Oh, and as awesome as Lundy has been, he's actually been held scoreless in this series thus far. He needs to step it up.
I think if you take out AO and replace him with...i guess Nylander, and you take out Henrik, and replace him with Vally, this series is over already.

Thats all im saying.

You want your supporting cast to hold their weight at least somewhat, you want them to give you something to work with, you want them to go out and play against a team that has average 3 goals per game given up this season, and score 3 goals a want them to have SOME offensive zone pressure, you want them to play HOCKEY, not to simply watch as their goaltender steals them game after game after game.

this isnt about being unhappy with the result, this is about being unhappy with the level of play. 1 team is clearly playing better than the other, and i think it has way more to do with respecting the Washington firepower way too much than anything else.

I mean, if Henrik is going to make all these mother effing ridiculous saves anyway, then why not try to go out there and score some goals by generating some offensive zone pressure? Thats what Torts was brought into do for christs sake....but really, outside of Antropov, nobody was in there playing an offensive game after the first 20 minutes. They just all collectively sat back. Watch the tape again, no hard forechecker, no 2nd man in, no pressure WHATSOEVER till they hit the blueline...that is TOM RENNEY hockey, not Torts hockey. and literally, the only way to win playing Tom Renney's BS style of hockey is to have your goaltender play out of his mind.

There is no way...NO WAY whatsoever that Henrik is going to keep up this level of play for much longer, no goalie can play like this for 2 months...well, no goalie that i can remember playing for the Rangers anyhow..i mean even Richter wasnt this good in those playoffs...he had a ton of help.

The Rangers need to stop conceding so much of the ice, and to attack the one weakness the Caps really do have...their slow, immobile defensive group, you attack that with speed and a forecheck, we showed it in the first period, we held their attack at bay by playing in their zone, we proved that you can, in fact play a team game against that team.

I dont get what is so hard to understand here...what we saw in that first period is what i want to see...EVERY...SINGLE....GAME...not just for 1 isolated period in 1 isolated game.

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