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Originally Posted by Whitesnake View Post
Well sure he could have won...not saying Huet would have been different but even if he bolted but because of him we would have went to the 3rd would have been the first 3rd round in 15 years. Would have been worth it. Streit and Souray, not only you lost them, but the end result is that you lost them for really nothing. Though the screaming as far as losing both for nothing, as far as I'm concerned, has nothing to do with what happen July 1st of that year they left. It's the fact that Souray had to be recongized before as an important piece of this defense corps. That people had to recognize that he had a great leadership. That he was tough and him, compared to somebody I won't mention, will back it up whenever he's pushed to the limit. This had to be recognize and it also had to be recognize that despite a few highlight reels he was on the wrong end of it, he wasn't that bad of a d-man. And was more important to the team than Hamrlik will ever dream to be for almost the same amount of money. I honestly prefer to overpay Souray for all the intangibles he brings than Hamrlik...

As far as Streit, well his importance on the PP had to be recognized. And if what was said was true, that Streit was ready to sign 2.5 in the middle of the season, well they had to give him a chance on D, give him the tons of confidence he needed, and for 2.5, it would have been a great bargain. But they thought that O'Byrne was ready, which he wasn't.

Add to the fact that, at least as far as I'm concerned, both guys were ready to stay and loved their time in Montreal. As if we have A LOT of players who want to play here, we had 2, and we let them go succeed elsewhere.
3rd round...that and 50 cents gets you a chocolate bar at the dollar store. Better a 2nd round pick than nothing at all.

The only trade I wished would've happened was Souray to Atlanta for Coburn like Philly did.

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