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04-23-2009, 12:46 PM
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This is why Gainey will be gone

I think the huet trade was the start of the downfall.

I mean really, that was a horrible deal. Huet was our #1, was experienced. Price was a rookie ffs. Even Carbo said that Price was not ready, and if I remember correctly, thought that Price should be in Hamilton last year. I'm pretty sure that Gainey made him backup, against Carbo's advice.

I can't understand how you trade your #1 goalie before going into the playoffs?? I have to believe that another GM f** him. It's the only explanation.

Think about it, you're in year 4 of your 5 year plan to win a cup. Things are going all hunky dory. Team is clicking, coasting into the playoffs. Hell, you are even considered contenders for the cup. Then, you screw everything up by trying to make a 20-year old who is not ready your #1. Bad Bad Bad.

He made a few other mistakes. Sourray, Streit, those are big ones. Samsonov & Theodore he corrected. Ribs..well...another mistake.

Firing Carbo, that was fine.

Gaineys line combinations in the playoffs, mistake. You take the top line in the NHL from the last 20 games of the season, then split them up in the first round of the playoffs.

Gainey not at least attempting to start Halak in Game #3 or #4. Mistake.

I think he's made 2 bad decisions for every good 1. Yes, he did not manage to crush his team like ferguson did in TO...


He sorta did. Look at the UFA list. Toronto is now in rebuild mode. And now, so are the Habs. In fact, I think Toronto is in a better situation because they have higher draft picks.

I mean, I love gainey. I Respect his calmness. I respect his career. No one is better at handling the media here than him. But.....someone has to take the blame for epic collapse. It's gonna be about profits and revenue. Next year, they are dropping regardless. His head is going to roll.

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