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04-23-2009, 02:54 PM
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Gainey needs to change the roster. It's obvious what the problems are with this team. Hamrlik needs to go. He has aged a lot. My gosh, he was brutal. I can't believe the guy is getting $5.5 million. Who will take him though? Put him on waivers if a young defenceman outperforms him. Plekanec also needs to go-he is too soft and small for the playoffs. He's not good enough for the top 6 (in the playoffs) and he can't be a 3rd-line centre because he's not gritty enough. Personally, the 3rd-line centre should be a defensive forward, a shut-down one. So where does he fit in? Guys like Higgins can be packaged to get someone else. Although Higgins was the only noticeable forward in the playoffs so that is a testament to his character. Gainey can't keep relying on veteran forwards and defenceman to get them far, he needs to focus on developing/maximizing his young players' potentials so that they can carry this team-aka the Kostitsyns, MaxPac, Weber and Maxwell.

And honestly, he needs to stop drafting too many soft, finesse forwards. Look at Washington, they are having the same problem as the Habs because they have the same philosphy-questionable defence, all offence and a lot of finesse. Perimeter play and cute passes. Don't bring the Detroit argument because Detroit actually has big, gritty European players!! AND...stop drafting so many American players! They most likely want to live back in the USA when they reach free agency anyway.

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